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Bernard Brunon was an art student in the 1980s in France. At that time, he was trying and failing to make paintings that wouldn’t be a representation of anything. When he moved to the U.S. for personal reasons, he had a couple of odd jobs to make a living, including house painting. He then realised that when he was painting a wall or a house, he was finally making a painting that wasn’t a representation. That’s how he created That’s Painting Production an artistic company covering the entirety of his artistic practice.

"With less to look at, there’s more to think about".

This is the slogan given by Bernard Brunon to this company, almost twenty years ago, when his studio work, an attempt to paint outside the codes of representation, led him to paint buildings. When he repaints a room, while the gestures, tools and materials are the same, the result is a painting that is not a painting. This painting exists in the space of reality, and not in the privileged space which is that of traditional painting.

After having worked more or less alone at the start, Bernard Brunon was led to structure the activity of THAT'S PAINTING Productions, so as to obtain maximum efficiency, both at the level of the work itself and in the relations with clients and his team of painters. For Brunon, the corporate structure is not, in itself, an end in itself. The image it projects in the public imagination, contrary to the cliché of the romantic artist, motivated the artist to engage in the activity of house painting, an activity he considers of the “worker support-surface”.

If the wish of all the artistic production of the 20th century was to make art and life converge, it seems to find its fulfillment in the activity of THAT’S PAINTING Productions, an activity deeply rooted in reality and everyday life. Whether the client is an individual, a gallery director or an exhibition curator, the approach remains the same: THAT’S PAINTING Productions offers meticulous work, at an affordable price and within deadlines.”


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